Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We've got the wrong weather... again.

Regular readers know I follow the weather, and I do a little more than the average person, and I even have a copy of the bulk of the country's weather history, so I can pull out answers to questions.

Today however, I just had a thought:  The usual "W" pattern for the air pressure in Toronto at 10pm might be different for this month as we just had a bank holiday.  I quickly ran the numbers off manually from Environment Canada and highlighted the bank holiday in green.    

Sure enough, the value for Monday was similar to the Sunday and Saturday, lending more weight to my thoughts that this is a manmade problem.  I checked the week before's data and that looked approximately how I'd expect it to look, though a bit week...  So, I just went back another week - and it appears that three weeks ago, the Tuesday appears out of whack...

This isn't a very scientific set of data, but it appears that the month of May this year has the wrong weather.

As a refresher, this is what the right weather should look like:

I think that what I need to do in the coming days is update my personal copy of the weather history and recrunch the more recent numbers on a bigger data set, to see if we can determine if this is part of a bigger trend, or just an anomaly for the month as I have seen this before.  The question is "when did I see this?"...

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