Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What the BK were they thinking?

I think I live in another world to many other people…  

I consider myself very open-minded and tolerant to the fact that the world is a complex place.  I also consider myself modern-minded, and I recognise that many things I have been taught by people who act in a position of authority is often completely wrong.  For example, at one point or another in my life, I’ve been told by teachers and other “authorities on the matter” that a) Pluto is a planet. And b) Diamonds are made of compressed coal and they’re so hard that only another diamond can break a diamond.  But, I now know Pluto is just a planetoid (a failed planet) and a two year old with a normal hammer can turn a diamond to dust.  

Even recently, I’ve heard people who still believe there is no gravity in space and that the great wall of China can be seen from space, despite the evidence that gravity has us circling around the sun, the astronauts couldn’t jump off the moon, and I’ve heard Cmdr Chris Hadfield first hand say that you can’t see the great wall of China from space - but you can see the Highway 407 north of Toronto.

So, armed with this open-minded attitude, I came across a slew of news articles about Burger King’s new slogan “Be your way”, instead of the old slogan “Have it your way”.  Every one of the articles went one of two ways.  Either:
Burger King are trying to out-cool McDonalds and this is great.
- or - 
Burger King are trying too hard.

Traditionally, I personally see Burger King as a condescending corporation with irritating advertising.  In Canada, their TV adverts didn’t just say “Have it your way” and be done with it… No, they add this “smarmy neighbour gloating over the garden fence” style of advert narrative where you’d suddenly hear “”Hey Canada! Have a look at our blah blah”…  They then finish off the adverts with “Have it your way, Canada!” in a tone that sounded like being in Canada was an affliction.  If you can imagine a late-teen male bully addressing a victim with something along the lines of “”Great hair, fatbo-o-o-y!”, this is precisely how that tagline comes across.  Every time.

For me, this news sounded like they were going after the LGBT crowd.  As I do on many occasions, I went back to the original release that Burger King put out just to get it from the horses mouth.

In the first paragraph of the news release (check the original and you’ll see I’ve not edited this), I saw that the new slogan “reminds people that no matter who they are, they can order how they want to in BURGER KING® restaurants and that they can and should live how they want anytime. It’s ok to not be perfect.

What the BK were they thinking when they approved that wording?  It's worse than their usual adverts!

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