Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to resync Toronto Hydro's PeakSaver Plus Meter

I hit a problem last night which I've never experienced before and the manuals were not entirely accurate, where the PeakSaver Plus Meter stopped talking to the transmitter.  No matter what I tried for about half an hour, nothing would get the two devices to pair-up and start talking again.  I even looked up the manual at Toronto Hydro, which stated this:

Naturally, I followed the instructions, but was confused because if I "press PROG/SYNC unil [sic] you hear two beeps to put the Display Unit in ID mode", it would only give me a single beep and put the unit into programming mode.

After about ten minutes of trying to work out if this only happens when you first fire up the unit (so I hard reset it, took out batteries, reset the transmitter, etc), it then dawned on me what they really want you to do:

  • Press the PROG/SYNC for about a second or so, and you'll hear a single beep.  You're now in programming mode.
  • Press and hold the PROG/SYNC button for another 5 seconds in programming mode and you'll go into ID mode.
Now you can hit "reset" on the transmitter outside and things will beep on the device and transmitter - and after a minute or so, things will start to work as normal again.

Hopefully this bit of clarity will save someone else from wasting time like I did.