Friday, May 8, 2015

CIBC Reference Number Logic - An Update

Last Saturday, I had a show down with CIBC staff over a situation that got out of hand and today I'd like to present an update.  You can read about it in full here, but the core point of the story is that CIBC were trying to harass me for money that I had every reason to believe they already had in their possession, and their tactic was to try and put the burden of proof on the customer to prove it.  They even tried to get information about other bank accounts, which I'm pretty sure is overstepping the proper bounds of privacy.

As experience has taught me that CIBC is prone to this type of cock-up, I refused to change my stance and it was left with me telling the horrible lady at CIBC that I was doing nothing further, until they call me back on Monday or Tuesday to confirm that there really was a problem because I don't believe them.

Guess what?  CIBC never called back.  

Today I decided to just double-check and see what CIBC was saying now?

Here's the chart from the Credit account.  CIBC shows that had the money one day before they called me, and proves that I was totally correct in my assumption that the customer service was just being unreasonable yet again.


I'd like to be surprised, but I'm not.  

When you understand the clearing process within banks, it becomes very apparent that the people trying to squeeze money out of me in the face of the evidence presented to them have not been adequately trained on these same cycles.  

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