Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Solving Visual Studio DEP0700 Error Under Parallels

Today I ran into a problem where I was using Windows 8.1 under Parallels for Mac, and I created a brand new Visual Studio project.  Just to make sure everything worked fine, I hit "Run" and went head-first into an error DEP0700.

This is a frustrating error as it's (by design) trying to stop you from running a project who's output is on a network share when in "Local Machine" mode, but of course, it has no idea that this network share is actually on your local machine in the first place, as a result of running in Parallels.

The simple solution is therefore to tell Visual Studio to run the solution on a remote machine, then set the name of the remote machine to "localhost". 

Easy fix to an annoying problem. 

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