Thursday, August 25, 2016

Securing the news...

I read an interesting article today, about how the news outlets are getting targeted by hackers.

This doesn't surprise me for a number of reasons:
  1. Most news today is not an unbiased account of fact, but rather it takes sides and therefore it becomes a polarizing factor that can raise ire amongst some people.
  2. News media outlets today are not used to securing news, so something that is unprotected can be adulterated and changed into something it was never intended to be.
In Canada, we have two major corporations that control most of the news and media in general.
  • Bell Media 
  • Rogers Media
Regular readers of this blog will realise something:  This is Bell Canada and Rogers, the two monolithic cellphone and internet providers in Canada.  These two organisations are traditionally not good at security with their own customer facing systems, so you can imagine what type of security I have noted has been imposed on their media divisions.  

I did a quick 2 minute scan to see what I could find security wise....

What I found was this:  The media divisions are open to the exact same methods of being compromised as each parent company is currently known to be.  This percolates down through each media property such as a radio/tv station website, or newspaper site.  So, in short, it's possible to adulterate the news in Canada.  

We all know the phrase about those who control the message control the people - and that's what makes the media a target for hackers.