Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Barclays in the UK has taken a leaf out of Scotiabank's book.


After the little bit of excitement that happened around me this week, I decided to do a quick refresher of the state of UK banking Android apps, just to get a mental update as to whether things are more or less secure in the UK than here in Canada.  (Short answer is for the most part, it's more secure in the UK)

Regular readers of this blog will remember the unauthorized addition to the Scotiabank Android app, which sat there for 230 known days before I posted how long it'd been there, proving that Scotiabank were not checking what their programmers were pushing to the public. 

Well, it appears that Barclays has taken a leaf out of Scotiabank's book.

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The above was spotted in Barclays Mobile Banking 1.42.

Edit 1:
Barclays are now aware of the problem.  

Edit 2:
The problem was there in V1.30, pushed on April 14, 2016.  That was a whopping 427 days ago.

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