Monday, June 5, 2017

The breach is finally being investigated

Just a quick update.

As regular readers of this blog know, two weeks ago, a sizable bank and corporate confidentiality breach was discovered in Canada and the USA, that affected numerous financial institutions, including one of my own banks in Canada.

I originally started tracing the source of this breach from one of my banks to prove a point I was writing about in an upcoming article, about another angle of "what's wrong with mobile banking in Canada".  I traced the leak around the world and ultimately tracked it to a specific person.

As you'd expect, I first reached out to my local bank, but in the same way that they don't give me free banking services, I don't give them free I.T. services, so I simply moved on to find a suitable organisation to responsibly collaborate with on it.

The good news is, after a bit of back and forth, a well-known US organisation is now in possession of my findings, the full background story leading to its discovery and tracing, plus the substantiating evidence showing the result of what got breached.  Their President & CEO has personally emailed me to say an investigation is now underway.

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