Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A quick update on the Interac issue at Scotiabank

You'll remember that last week we hit a problem with Interac in Canada.  This is just a quick update to follow up on that.

Despite getting the written confirmation on Friday that the money was deposited, I phoned Scotiabank on Monday morning as the money still wasn't showing up.  Naturally, the support lady in India put me on hold and then hung up.  I immediately called Scotiabank back and this time got someone that sounded Canadian, but with an attitude that sounded like he really wasn't interested in customers or helping them.  

So, I explained the money wasn't still wasn't there, and requested he put a note on my file as I know what's coming next (after the left hand of Scotiabank loses the money, the right hand of Scotiabank starts demanding to know why I've not paid my mortgage even though the money has been inside Scotiabank the entire time).  

I was told Monday morning that it may take 5 more days (making a total of 7 days) to find my mortgage payment.  

Five more days?  Whatever database index they have on their Interac transaction table clearly needs an urgent technical review if three days of e-transfer transactions builds such a volume that it takes seven days to find and fix my transaction.

Anyway, it's now Wednesday and so we're at five days total so far and the money is still not there. It looks like they may actually be correct that the system is actually that unfathomably slow.

I'll post another update if this ever gets fixed.

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