Thursday, July 6, 2017

Day Six of the Scotiabank Interac Problem

A quick update...  

It's now day six and the interac problem is still not resolved at Scotiabank this morning when I checked my account.  I'm not going to call Scotiabank today as I don't think it's a fruitful use of my time and I anticipate getting a canned response anyway from some customer support person because they don't actually have the answers.

I posted a question on Twitter this morning to Interac (despite not having any faith that they'll actually answer it) where I asked Interac about the lack of apparent redundancy when this system failed.  Either it failed at the same time as the primary system, or it simply doesn't exist.  

Occams razor tells us which of the two scenarios likely happened, which begs the questions about what kind of operation is being run here anyway?  For all the infernal fees that banks charge customers for this service of sending two emails and writing a few records in a database, you'd expect someone to have invested even a tiny bit of that in keeping this system up with some form of redundancy.

I'll update if things change.

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