Thursday, July 27, 2017

See you on the flip side...

TL;DR - I'm pausing this blog and now I'm found over here:

As regular readers of this blog will know, this blog has been around for a lot of years.  A lot of work has been put into it, and I'm happy with what it has achieved over time.  It has grown from a tiny seed where it would get 10 to 15 views a month, to where it is in summer 2017, with about 10,000 views a month. It has covered everything from humour to technology, to banks and parenthood.  However, some issues crept in along the way, and I had to take a long hard look at why I continue to do this, and what I'm now trying to achieve.

Originally, this was supposed to be one man's personal blog about the random things that interest him. Somehow, it predominantly became a blog about Canadian banks, and yet there is so much more that still interests me personally - but having documented all the crazy banking stuff here, there's not much time left for anything else.  

Additionally, this blog feels dry and "ranty" whilst anyone that knows me personally knows I'm actually a relatively fun person, but this never comes across in this blog.  

Times have changed, and so have I.  I started this blog as a younger carefree guy, and now I'm a dad with kids and such... I started this blog when blogs were a thing, and now YouTube is the defacto place where people vlog instead of blogging here.  

I have other goals and aspirations, and one of those goals is to spend more time doing video and less time doing typing.  I simply enjoy it more.  Additionally, there is the added benefit that with videos, I can more accurately portray who I am as a person - and make this fun again.  This is supposed to be fun for you as well as me - and as things stand with this being a predominantly bank-related blog, it's simply not fun any more.  

If you're arriving from one of the banks, or any government agency, the YouTube channel will have videos grouped into Playlists, so you can find just the banking videos that you're probably looking for. 

So, I'm now over here - feel free to pop over and subscribe:

I will keep this blog up, as I may come back to it in the future when I find a good reason to add stuff here, but for now, the regular future posts are over on the youtube channel where I can put more context into things and make this fun again.

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