Monday, July 10, 2017

Update on the ScotiaBank Interac problem - As expected, they double-dipped.

So, ScotiaBank finally found my mortgage money after the Interace debacle.  Even though I've gotten written confirmation that it was deposited in the destination account, the money showed up in the originating account again.

Now, you'll remember in the last sentence of my original post, that I was fully expecting the bank to be dishonest and try to screw me by double-dipping on bank charges. Predictably, Scotiabank followed through.

This is now my bank transaction trail.

(Click for full size)

As you can see, they charged a dollar to transfer the money, never completed the transfer, refunded the transaction without refunding the transfer fee and then charged yet another dollar to resend it.

I know it's only one dollar, but when you expect dishonesty from the bank and then they follow through with that dishonesty, it aggravates me immensely.

Having said that, it underlines my everyday experiences with ScotiaBank.