Monday, September 11, 2017

I'm back in the news...

So, as the title says...  I'm back in the news.  The actual article is here in The Register.

The follow up video explaining how this came about (no surprises for the subscribers of my Vlog) is here.

As of writing this post, I can see that at least two people at Scotiabank have gone to my LinkedIn page, though I've no idea if they're people looking to solve the problem, looking to cover their own backsides, or just curious.

LinkedIn says this on the "Who's looked at your profile"...

I have sent an email to the Scotiabank Office of the President again... To recap the situation to them - as they're still non-responsive after 12 days.

So, where are we at now it's Monday morning?  In short: 

  • Scotiabank's Digital Factory website wasn't fixed over the weekend, and many more people are now aware of how shockingly bad the bank's I.T. through this demonstration.  
  • Scotiabank still has two of my mortgage payments lost in the system and the bone-heads at the collection department are still calling about the money the bank has lost.
  • Many more people now know about the type of bad crap I'm having to put up with.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Just when you think Scotiabank could not get worse...

So, 9 days ago, Scotiabank lost my mortgage payment in Interac again.  The money is inside Scotiabank somewhere.

The Office of the President are apparently looking into this - and obviously as the left hand doesn't talk to the right hand, the Scotiabank collections department looking for that payment don't like being told to talk to the President's office who are also looking for that payment.

So, today I sent through another mortgage payment.  It is now stuck as well.  That means inside Scotiabank, between two Scotiabank accounts, there are two mortgage payments.

I swear - the ineptitude of Scotiabank knows no bounds.